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Get the most out of the self-hosted version of WordPress and create feature-rich blogs and websites. We will explain how to get a web host, set up a domain, plus download, configure and upload WordPress to your newly hosted site. Then we’ll explore the tools in WordPress, demonstrating how to set up your profile and create content to share with your web audience. There are sections on adding images, video, formatting and links that make posts pop. You will also learn about installing plugins, creating custom themes and attracting readers with permalinks and social sharing.

Learners do not need to have any prior knowledge of using WordPress. You should be comfortable using a computer for general use, such as basic keyboard and mouse skills, opening files and folders, and launching applications.

1. Creating a WordPress Site (Installing WordPress)

2. Logged Into the WordPress Admin & General Site Settings

3. Writing Posts & Formatting Text

4. Publishing a Post (Making it Live)

5. Adding a Read More Link to a Post

6. Creating Links (Hyperlinks)

7. Adding Images & Managing the Media Library

8. Adding an Image Gallery

9. Adding Video

10. Categories, Tags, & Reading Settings

11. Widgets

12. Making Pages

13. Menus

14. Installing Themes

15. Customising Theme Appearance

16. Changing the Template Layout for a Page/Post

17. WordPress Plugins: About, Installing, & Updating

18. WordPress Plugins You May Want to Install

19. Adding Downloadable Content (.pdf, .doc, etc.)

20. Adding Audio

21. Comparing & Restoring Revisions

22. Comments & Discussion Settings

23. Post Formats

24. Adding Users & Assigning Roles

25. Logging Out Everywhere Else

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