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This course is ideal as an overview for new editors, whilst also reviewing updated features in CC for more experienced users. It will cover importing media; creating a basic rough edit; refining with music and sound effects; and transitions, visual effects and titles. The course will also feature information on exporting and archiving projects, as well as tips on becoming more efficient in Premiere with actions, keyboard shortcuts and other workflow-enhancing techniques.

Learners do not need to have any prior knowledge of using Adobe Premiere Pro. You should be comfortable using a computer for general use, such as basic keyboard and mouse skills, opening files and folders, and launching applications.

1. Importing Media

2. Marking and Selecting Clips

3. Basic Video Editing

4. Advanced Editing

5. Improving Workflow

6. Working with Audio

7. Working with Stills and Graphics

8. Motion Effects

9. Transitions

10. Working with Filters and Effects

11. Modifying Speed

12. Adding Titles

13. Multicam

14. Finishing and Output

15. Media Management and Archiving

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