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This course explains how to use Google Ads to get more clicks, conversions and ultimately more return on your investment in search advertising. Get the most value from your pay-per-click (PPC) spend, learn how to choose the best keywords, write great ad copy and measure the effectiveness of your ads on the leading PPC platform.  We explore the best practices for setting up your account and offers advice on keyword research, bidding strategies, the Quality Score, conversion tracking and campaign optimisation.

Learners do not need to have any prior knowledge of using Google Ads. You should be comfortable using a computer for general use, such as basic keyboard and mouse skills, opening files and folders, and launching applications.

1. Getting to Know Ads

2. Getting Started

3. Researching Keywords

4. Creating Your First Search Campaign

5. Creating Your First Ad Group

6. Understanding Quality Score

7. Tracking Ad Performance

8. Leveraging Video Advertising

9. Summary

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