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We demonstrate how MailChimp, the email marketing platform, can work for you. Learn how to set up a free MailChimp account, add new or existing subscribers and use list segments and groups to target your messaging for different types of audiences. We show how to use email templates to create engaging newsletters and interpret the results after you send. Plus, we provide you with tips on how to grow your lists.

Learners do not need to have any prior knowledge of using MailChimp. You should be comfortable using a computer for general use, such as basic keyboard and mouse skills, opening files and folders, and launching applications.

1. Using email in your marketing mix
2. Building an Email List
3. Designing an effective marketing email
4. Making your email content valuable
5. Creating “From” addresses and subject lines
6. Combine email with social media and mobile devices
7. Creating and sending campaigns
8. Working with sign-up forms
9. Working with subscriber lists
10. Engaging your subscribers
11. Maximising your email campaign results
12. MailChimp paid account features

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