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In this course, learn After Effects CC foundation concepts such as layers, keyframe animation and working with Masking. We begin by reviewing the interface, followed by an exploration of the role layers play in compositions, and finding out how to add style to your projects using effects and graphic elements.

Learners do not need to have any prior knowledge of using Adobe After Effects. You should be comfortable using a computer for general use, such as basic keyboard and mouse skills, opening files and folders, and launching applications.

1. Welcome to New York: Intro to After Effects

2. Welcome to New York: Working with Text & Fade-Ins

3. Welcome to New York: Styling Text & Rendering

4. Travel Slideshow: Anchor Points & Working with Images

5. Travel Slideshow: Cross-Dissolve & Working with Logos

6. Rotating Wedge: Null Objects & Hold Keyframes

7. Rotating Wedge: Alpha Mattes & Animated Colours

8. HBO Logo: Importing Layered Files & Adding Easing

9. HBO Photo Tiles: Working with Numerous Layers

10. HBO Movie rating: Vector Layouts & the Graphic Editor

11. HBO Bumper: Editing Compositions & Adding Audio

12. Sliding Panels: Hard Ease Fashion Reveal

13. Sliding Panels: More Reveals from Different Directions

14. Sliding Panels: Time Remapping to Match Audio

15. Particle skateboards: 3D Rotation, Lighting & Motion Blur

16. Particle Skateboards: Using 3D Cameras

17. Rendering & Exporting Options

18. 3D Cube: Background Lighting & Cropping Square Videos

19. 3D Cube: Constructing a Seamless 3D Object

20. 3D Cube: Animating a 3D Object

21. 3D Cube: Casting Light & Shadow on 3D Objects


Video Zooms: Editing Video & Using an Animation Preset

Video Zooms: Text Animation, Effects, & Expressions

Video Zooms: Working on the Quote Compositions

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