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In this After Effects CC Advanced course we explore techniques for working with motion graphic elements, animation, colour correction and more. Throughout the course we will demonstrate tips for working more efficiently, and then move on to advanced effects, detailed masking techniques and real-world expressions. Integrating Photoshop into the After Effects workflow will also be explored.

Learners should be comfortable using Adobe After Effects for most of the topics covered in our Introduction course.

1. Vacation Stripes: Title Sequence with Custom Eases

2. Vacation Stripes: Working with Masks from Illustrator

3. Vacation Stripes: Drawing Simple Masks in Illustrator

4. Superman: Simple Character Animation Using Masks

5. Superman: Guide Layers, Text Presets, & Reverse Parenting

6. Superman: Shape Motion Paths & Audio

7. Superman: More Transitions, Effects, & Camera Move

8. Text Animation: Masking Layers & Using Scripts

9. Text Animation: Creating a Transition Between Layouts

10. Text Animation: Rotating Layers in 3D

11. Text Animation: Animating text Character-by-Character

12. T-Mobile Commerical: Motion Tracking to Remove a Logo

13. T-Mobile Commercial: Greenscreen Removal

14. T-Mobile Commercial: 4-Point Tracking in mocha AE

15. T-Mobile Commercial: Rotoscoping

16. T-Mobile Commercial: Animating the Exclamation Mark!

17. T-Mobile Commercial: Animating the Logo & Backgrounds

18. T-Mobile Commercial: Wipe Transitions & Shape Layer Fun

19. T-Mobile Commercial: Lower Thirds & Final Transitions

Bonus Material

Dr. Bob Website: Creating the Particle Background

Dr. Bob Website: Animating the Main Graphics

Dr Bob Website: Motion Dynamics & Depth of Field

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