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Introduction Course

This course is ideal as an overview for new editors, whilst also reviewing updated features in CC for more experienced users. It will cover importing media; creating a basic rough edit; refining with music and sound effects; and transitions, visual effects and titles. The course will also feature information on exporting and archiving projects, as well as tips on becoming more efficient in Premiere with actions, keyboard shortcuts and other workflow-enhancing techniques.

Learners do not need to have any prior knowledge of using Adobe Premiere Pro. You should be comfortable using a computer for general use, such as basic keyboard and mouse skills, opening files and folders, and launching applications.

1. Importing Media

  • Setting up a project and sequence
  • Types of media used
  • Importing files
  • Importing pre-organized media
  • Importing media from existing Premiere projects
  • Importing card-based media
  • Importing Final Cut XML files
  • Organizing your media
  • Reconnecting offline media

2. Marking and Selecting Clips

  • Basic editing overview
  • Previewing and marking media in the Project panel
  • Previewing and marking clips in the Source panel
  • Creating subclips

3. Basic Video Editing

  • Targeting Timeline destinations
  • Moving clips in the Timeline
  • Trimming edit points in the Timeline
  • Splitting and deleting clips
  • Intermediate Editing
  • Performing an overwrite edit
  • Performing an insert edit
  • Using swap edits
  • Using multiple tracks
  • Targeting Timeline tracks
  • Cutting a B-roll sequence

4. Advanced Editing

  • Looking at three-point edits
  • Performing replace edits
  • Linking and unlinking audio
  • Working with markers
  • Fine-Tuning the Edit
  • Performing ripple and roll edits
  • Using slip and slide edits
  • Tips and tricks for trimming

5. Improving Workflow

  • Taking control of the Timeline
  • Adding video and audio tracks
  • Track visibility and locking tracks
  • Rendering media in the Timeline
  • Using the History panel
  • Creating keyboard shortcuts
  • Creating buttons

6. Working with Audio

  • Exploring audio in Premiere Pro
  • Adjusting audio levels of clip
  • Keyframing audio levels of a clip
  • Mixing audio
  • Fixing out-of-sync audio

7. Working with Stills and Graphics

  • Importing still images
  • Working with stills
  • Animating stills with keyframes
  • Animating Photoshop files

8. Motion Effects

  • Clip size, cropping and position
  • Animating clip position over time

9. Transitions

  • Video and audio transitions
  • Modifying transitions
  • Applying multiple transitions

10. Working with Filters and Effects

  • Applying and modifying effects
  • Combining multiple effects
  • Keyframing filters
  • Adjusting existing filter timing
  • Applying effects to multiple clips
  • Copying and pasting attributes v
  • Looking at the Warp Stabilizer
  • Chroma key and green screen
  • Using colour correction tools
  • Lumetri colour looks
  • Using adjustment layers

11. Modifying Speed

  • Fit-to-fill editing
  • Stretching a clip
  • Clip Speed/Duration dialog box
  • Making variable speed changes

12. Adding Titles

  • Creating a static title
  • Creating a lower third title
  • Creating rolling and crawling credits
  • Using Photoshop from within Adobe Premiere

13. Multicam

  • Introducing multicam
  • Timecode and sync points
  • Multicam clips using audio waveforms
  • Editing multicam in the Timeline
  • Refining a multicam edit

14. Finishing and Output

  • Finishing techniques
  • Exporting a master
  • Exporting for devices and the web

15. Media Management and Archiving

  • Moving and copying a project
  • Archiving a project
  • Preparing and integrating your workflow with non- Adobe applications

1 Day

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Advanced Course

This Premiere Pro Advanced course will explore some of the deeper finishing techniques and technologies available in this powerful video editing application. Learn how to apply colour correction, work with slow motion, stabilise shaky footage, apply blurs, and develop skills for special effects work. Integration with Adobe After Effects, as a simple workflow and in combination with effects applied in Premiere Pro CC, will also be covered.

Learners should be comfortable using Adobe Premiere Pro for most of the topics covered in our Introduction course.

1. Standard Controls

  • Preferences
  • Reduced-size video previews
  • Advanced keyframing
  • Combined effect presets

2. Essential Effects

  • The Track Matte key
  • Adjustment layers
  • Garbage mattes
  • Ultra Key
  • Basic 3D and Transform

3. Adjusting Colour

  • The Fast Colour Corrector
  • The Three-Way Colour Corrector
  • Curves and the Waveform monitor
  • Curves and the Vectorscope
  • Adding Transitions
  • Combining transition effects
  • Nested sequences combined with transitions
  • Working with Time
  • Regular speed adjustments
  • Time remapping
  • Using the Twixtor plugin

4. Creative Effects

  • Blend modes
  • The Tint effect
  • The Corner Pin effect
  • The Cell Pattern effect
  • The Median filter
  • The Turbulent Displace effect

5. Sharing Work with After Effects

  • Getting textures from After Effects
  • The Roto Brush tool

6. Additional Topics

  • Advanced keyframing
  • Essential effects
  • Adjusting colour
  • Adding transitions
  • Working with time
  • Creative effects
  • Combined effect examples
  • Sharing work with After Effects

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