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Introduction Course

In this BigRockTraining course we demonstrate the amazing capabilities of Adobes primary audio editing application. We show you how to navigate the interface and understand fundamental audio concepts. Those who have traditionally worked inside a non tool based editing system will benefit from discovering the features, workflows, and terminology used in professional audio post-production.

Learners do not need to have any prior knowledge of using Adobe Audition. You should be comfortable using a computer for general use, such as basic keyboard and mouse skills, opening files and folders, and launching applications.

1. Introducing Adobe Audition CC

  • Comparing audio file and multitrack session workflows
  • Additional panels
  • Setting up audio hardware input and output
  • Setting up audio channel mapping

2. Important Audio Terminology

  • Understanding frequency
  • Understanding amplitude
  • Understanding sample rate
  • Understanding bit depth

3. Importing and Managing Media Files

  • Importing audio files and browsing media
  • Extracting tracks from a CD
  • Creating a new audio file
  • Recording an audio file
  • Importing video files

4. Working with Sound Files

  • Comparing waveforms and the Spectral Frequency Display
  • Understanding the Spectral Pitch Display
  • Making selections
  • Using the playback controls
  • Using the zoom controls
  • Adding markers
  • Using the Paintbrush Selection tool

5. Standard Waveform Audio Adjustments

  • Manually adjusting audio level
  • Normalizing audio level
  • Adding fades
  • Using the clipboard
  • Using Mix Paste

6. Adding Special Effects to a File

  • Comparing the Effects Rack with the Effects menu
  • Using the Effects Rack to combine effects
  • Understanding the power of the Preview Editor
  • Applying automatic pitch correction
  • Adjusting pitch
  • Adjusting pitch over time
  • Accessing VST plugin effects

7. Cleaning Your Audio

  • Using the Spectral Frequency Display to clean up your audio
  • Adaptive noise reduction
  • Simple settings for noise reduction
  • Removing a specific sound
  • Using the Sound Remover effect

8. Multitrack Editing

  • Creating a multitrack session
  • Navigating the multitrack view
  • Understanding the track header controls
  • Adding, moving, and removing clips
  • Staying organized with track colors
  • Understanding the mixer
  • The multitrack tools

9. Standard Multitrack Controls

  • Managing track routing and buses
  • Adjusting clip level and pan with envelopes
  • Adjusting track level over time with envelopes
  • Matching audio level between multiple clips
  • Analyzing level with the Loudness Radar Meter
  • Grouping clips
  • Stretching time
  • Overlapping clips
  • Adding fades to multiple clips
  • Applying track-based equalization
  • Exploring your audio with the Frequency Analysis panel

10. Multitrack Special Effects

  • Comparing track-based and clip-based effects
  • Applying reverb or delay
  • Adding compression
  • Using presets and favorites
  • Using the mixer for track-level automation
  • Saving time with multitrack template

11. Integration and Output

  • Sending a sequence from Premiere Pro to Audition
  • Sending your multitrack session to Premiere Pro
  • Saving your multitrack session to different formats
  • Burning a music CD
  • Importing XML files
  • Exporting a session to OMF and XML
  • Outputting to SoundCloud

1 Day

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Advanced Course

Discover how to professionally edit and mix audio with Audition CC 2019. In this course, we begin by going over several fundamental audio production terms and discussing how to import different kinds of media. Then we continue with a more detailed overview of the software, including topics such as fixing common recording issues, editing and improving your sound elements with effects and the Essential Sound panel, integration with Premiere Pro, and finally, exporting your mix. If you have traditionally completed audio work inside your editing system, then this course can help you take your audio mixes to the next level by showcasing powerful tools and expert techniques.

Learners should be comfortable using Adobe Audition for most of the topics covered in our Introduction course.

1. Introduction

  • How to use exercise files
  • Getting to know Adobe Audition
  • Touring the Audition interface
  • Customizing your workspace

2. Importing Media

  • Importing audio files
  • Importing video files

3. Audio Terminology

  • Understanding frequency
  • Understanding amplitude
  • Understanding bit depth

4. Editing Individual Clips with the Waveform Editor

  • Understanding the Waveform Editor
  • Adjusting clip amplitude
  • Setting clip levels with normalization
  • Undoing, redoing, and using the History panel

5. Cleaning and Repairing Audio

  • Using the spectral frequency display
  • Removing background noise
  • Removing background noise (advanced)
  • Removing a specific sound
  • Repairing clipped audio

6. Combining Clips with the Multitrack Editor

  • Understanding the Multitrack Editor
  • Working with multichannel files
  • Trimming and moving clips
  • Matching loudness between clips
  • Adjusting clip levels
  • Adjusting track levels

7. Additional Multitrack Features

  • Using the Tracks panel
  • Using clip and track colors
  • Grouping clips
  • Stretching clips
  • Re-editing music with Remix

8. Recording Audio

  • Setting up your input device
  • Recording audio
  • Recording audio

9. The Essential Sound Panel

  • Using the Essential Sound panel
  • Essential Sound adjustments for dialogue
  • Essential Sound adjustments for music
  • Essential Sound adjustments for ambience

10. Working with Effects

  • Applying effects (Waveform Editor)
  • Previewing effects (Waveform Editor)
  • Applying effects (Multitrack Editor)
  • Using compression effects

11. Advanced Mixing with the Multitrack Editor

  • Understanding the Mixer panel
  • Adjusting track levels in real time
  • Mixing effects with sends
  • Measuring with the Loudness Radar

12. Integration and Output

  • Exporting a mixdown
  • Exporting to Media Encoder

13. Conclusion

  • Resources for your audio project

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I highly recommend BigRockTraining – Peter was excellent and provided first class training on Google Analytics & Google Tag manager. He was fully engaged and answered our numerous questions over the two day course. I found the training very useful and Peter’s teaching style made the course interesting and easy to follow. Don’t look any further – this is the training company you need!

Julie Burden, Marketing Director at Savage & Whitten Wholesale

We enrolled in Adobe Premiere, After Effects and Photoshop training with Peter, and all were easy to follow and of a very high standard. Peter is an excellent trainer and has a great way of explaining new concepts so that everyone could grasp each step of the training. BigRockTraining were able to facilitate the training on site with us which was incredibly convenient and at a very reasonable cost. I would highly recommend BigRockTraining for any of your digital training needs!

Mark Collins, Digital Marketing Specialist at Mallusk

Peter delivered a superb and comprehensive course, putting his students at ease and filling them with the confidence to learn and succeed. I was able to go at my own pace and ensure I was getting exactly what I needed from this course. Peter is extremely personable, approachable and professional. I would highly recommend BigRockTraining to other clients, and will definitely seek their services again.

Julie Ring, Senior Visual Designer at SSE

I have dabbled in producing videos on Adobe Spark Video before, but Peter’s tips and working in the class to produce a video from start to finish really helped to make my videos look so much more professional. I found the course really informative and at the right level for me as a beginner. I would definitely recommend BigRockTraining to other Communications or Marketing Officers looking to develop their skills in their organisation!

Laura McVeigh, Communications Officer at Woodland Trust

The SEO strategy course gave us a thorough understanding of the principles of SEO and provided practical methods to improve our website’s ranking. The training was very well organised with a hands-on format that helped us understand and remember the content of the course. Friendly and helpful facilitator. Highly recommended!

Clemence Badier, Marketing Manager