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Introduction Course

In this BigRockTraining course we will demonstrate how to create, modify, review and share PDFs in Adobe Acrobat DC. Starting with a tour of the new panels-based interface, this course covers the basics of the software; such as creating and customising PDFs; searching, editing text and graphics; and extracting PDF content to use in other programs. Also included are sections on creating forms, inserting interactivity and rich media, using the prepress tools, combining PDFs with other file types to create customised portfolios, and ensuring document security.

Learners do not need to have any prior knowledge of using Adobe Acrobat. You should be comfortable using a computer for general use, such as basic keyboard and mouse skills, opening files and folders, and launching applications.

1. Introduction

  • Open and move documents
  • Work with the toolbars
  • Work with the panels
  • Customise with Quick Tools
  • Use the Pages panel to navigate
  • Select and copy text and graphics
  • Rotate pages
  • Change the viewing options
  • Review preferences
  • Find words and phrases
  • Search a PDF and work with the Search panel
  • Share PDFs by email and with Adobe SendNow

2. Creating PDFs

  • Create PDFs from Microsoft Office
  • Create PDFs from Creative Suite
  • Create PDFs within Acrobat Pro
  • Create PDFs from a website
  • Create PDFs from the clipboard

3. Editing PDF Content

  • Edit text
  • Add text
  • Edit images and graphics
  • Change the page number display
  • Digitally sign PDFs
  • Crop pages and documents

4. Enhancing PDFs

  • Add watermarks
  • Add page backgrounds
  • Add page numbers
  • Add headers and footers
  • Add bookmarks
  • Attach files to a PDF
  • Add metadata
  • Optimise file size and compatibility
  • Create initial view settings

5. Adding Rich Media and Interactivity

  • Add hyperlinks to URLs
  • Create links with the Link tool
  • Work with interactive actions
  • Create and add buttons
  • Add video, sound and SWF files
  • Add page transitions

6. Rearranging PDFs

  • Extract pages
  • Split a PDF into multiple files
  • Insert pages from various sources
  • Move, copy, and replace pages
  • Combine PDFs

7. Extracting and Converting Content

  • Export text
  • Export images
  • Export PDFs to Microsoft Word
  • Export PDFs to Microsoft Excel

8. Creating and Working with Portfolios

  • Work with portfolios
  • Create portfolios
  • Customise portfolios
  • Optimise backward compatibility

9. Getting Started with Forms

  • Create an interactive form
  • Work with form fields
  • Edit field properties
  • Distribute and collecting forms
  • Enable Reader to save form data

10. Working with Comments in PDFs

  • Add sticky notes and other annotations
  • Use the drawing markup tools
  • View, filter and reply to comments
  • Print, summarise and export comments
  • Enable extended commenting in Acrobat Reader

11. Managing PDF Reviews

  • Understand the different review processes
  • Use the email review process
  • Conduct a shared review with Acrobat.com
  • Use the Review Tracker
  • Use the Collaborate Live review process

12. Preflighting and Print Production

  • Review the print production tools
  • Preview color separations
  • Use the Object Inspector to learn details
  • Work with the Preflight dialog box
  • Fix hairlines
  • Convert colors
  • Save as a standards-compliant PDF

13. Scanning and Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

  • Scan a paper document to PDF
  • Set up optimisation options
  • Recognise text in a scanned PDF
  • Review and correct OCR suspects

14. Automating Routine Tasks

  • Use the built-in Actions for automation
  • Editing Actions
  • Create new Actions
  • Share Actions with others

15. Protecting and Securing PDFs

  • Choose a security method
  • Password-protect a PDF
  • Secure a PDF with a certificate
  • Create a digital ID
  • Remove sensitive content with the Redaction feature
  • Reveal and clear hidden information

1 Day

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Advanced Course

In this BigRockTraining Advanced Acrobat course we will demonstrate how to design a form from scratch in Word, Illustrator or InDesign – or from an existing electronic document. We will show how to add interactive fields like check boxes, buttons, drop-down lists and digital signature fields, how to add field calculations like sum or average, and how to use JavaScript for more advanced calculations. The course also covers how to enable forms for Acrobat Reader users, add security to a form, distribute it via email or the web and collect data from recipients.

Learners should be comfortable using Adobe Acrobat for most of the topics covered in our Introduction course.

1. Introduction

  • Making a friendlier cover sheet
  • Changing the cover sheet for all portfolios
  • Forcing a sort order
  • Editing Acrobat 9 portfolios in Acrobat DC

2. Signing PDFs

  • Creating signature stamps for casual signing
  • Creating simple secure signatures

3. Form Tips and Tricks

  • Getting rid of the purple bar
  • Designing forms that Acrobat can convert
  • Creating interactive form fields in InDesign
  • Converting a form to a regular PDF
  • Flattening a form
  • Filling out a flat (not interactive) form
  • Updating a form field without redoing the fields
  • Enabling and customizing Auto-Complete
  • Creating a form that lets Reader users save their data

4. Mastering Comments

  • Printing comments
  • Exporting comments to Microsoft Word

5. Power Searching

  • Searching a scanned PDF
  • Highlighting all found text in your PDF

6. Action Tips

  • Creating a batch action with hot folders
  • Converting JavaScript to Actions

7. Making Better PDFs for Reader Users

  • Building smaller PDFs with the same content
  • Making PDFs open to a useful view
  • Making shortcuts with smart bookmarks
  • Testing font embedding for true previews
  • Enabling full commenting tools for Reader

8. Designing Forms

  • Choosing a design application
  • Designing forms in Word
  • Designing forms in Illustrator
  • Designing forms in InDesign
  • Looking at a finished PDF
  • Enabling Reader users

9. Creating and Editing Form Fields

  • Using auto-recognition
  • Understanding fields
  • Designing for neatness
  • Creating text fields
  • Creating check boxes
  • Creating radio buttons
  • Creating list boxes
  • Creating dropdown boxes
  • Introducing buttons
  • Controlling button appearance
  • Creating artwork in Photoshop
  • Creating artwork in Illustrator
  • Creating artwork in InDesign
  • Activating buttons
  • Using show/hide fields
  • Creating signature fields
  • Duplicating fields
  • Multiple fields
  • Editing forms
  • Reading barcodes

10. Performing Calculations

  • Introducing math operators
  • Creating an order form
  • Calculating sales tax with JavaScript

11. Securing Forms

  • Setting passwords
  • Creating digital signature security

12. Distributing and Managing

  • Reducing file size
  • Distributing with email
  • Distributing with Acrobat.com
  • Managing data with Excel

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I highly recommend BigRockTraining – Peter was excellent and provided first class training on Google Analytics & Google Tag manager. He was fully engaged and answered our numerous questions over the two day course. I found the training very useful and Peter’s teaching style made the course interesting and easy to follow. Don’t look any further – this is the training company you need!

Julie Burden, Marketing Director at Savage & Whitten Wholesale

We enrolled in Adobe Premiere, After Effects and Photoshop training with Peter, and all were easy to follow and of a very high standard. Peter is an excellent trainer and has a great way of explaining new concepts so that everyone could grasp each step of the training. BigRockTraining were able to facilitate the training on site with us which was incredibly convenient and at a very reasonable cost. I would highly recommend BigRockTraining for any of your digital training needs!

Mark Collins, Digital Marketing Specialist at Mallusk

Peter delivered a superb and comprehensive course, putting his students at ease and filling them with the confidence to learn and succeed. I was able to go at my own pace and ensure I was getting exactly what I needed from this course. Peter is extremely personable, approachable and professional. I would highly recommend BigRockTraining to other clients, and will definitely seek their services again.

Julie Ring, Senior Visual Designer at SSE

I have dabbled in producing videos on Adobe Spark Video before, but Peter’s tips and working in the class to produce a video from start to finish really helped to make my videos look so much more professional. I found the course really informative and at the right level for me as a beginner. I would definitely recommend BigRockTraining to other Communications or Marketing Officers looking to develop their skills in their organisation!

Laura McVeigh, Communications Officer at Woodland Trust

The SEO strategy course gave us a thorough understanding of the principles of SEO and provided practical methods to improve our website’s ranking. The training was very well organised with a hands-on format that helped us understand and remember the content of the course. Friendly and helpful facilitator. Highly recommended!

Clemence Badier, Marketing Manager